A recycled kinda life

Welcome back, stitchers!

This was a different kind of week for me – I couldn’t decide what to make. Good problem!


I’ve had an idea in the back of my mind for weeks. I have seen leather skirts floating all over the net and I had a jacket ready to chop and change in my wardrobe. This leather jacket you see below, it was my step-dad’s and I love it. He gave it to me a few years ago and he must of had it in his 20’s. It is the most beautiful soft leather but I always thought it didn’t fit quite right.

I planned to show you before and after pics, so here I am taking a quick few pics of the jacket pre-chop…. but then I looked at the photos – and totally changed my mind. No way was I cutting this up. It fits perfectly, is a beautiful color and there was something I was feeling guilty about because it was given to me. Most things I can chop up guilt-free but this, I was hesitating for some reason. This jacket holds sentimental value to me, I have always loved it and I just had to wait a bit to realise it. So glad I did.

Not to worry though, I will find a jacket to up-cycle into a leather skirt!

But then, what was I to write about this week?


:: My sewing / recycling kinda life.

My life has always been a very recycled one. From a young age, mum and I would rummage the op-shops. I wasn’t always happy about it in those days though. They were the days when you were young, vulnerable and just wanted to wear the ‘right’ brand names to fit in.

These days, I’m at my happiest when I am wondering around an op-shop and the bargains I find… its crazy. Original and beautiful items just jump right out at me – I’m totally a lucky op-shopper.

The pattern, zips and materials came to a total of $10.50.  I used all recycled zips in last weeks skirts.  Also, you cant beat the patterns in op-shops. They are one of a kind – I can’t wait to make the white dress!


I do understand that the recycled kinda life is not for all. But for me, it’s about living gently.

Affluenza, the best book I have read put it all in perspective for me. We’re an unhappy nation. Its no secret that our depression and anxiety rates are higher than ever. We want bigger and better than ever and we are working harder and are busier than ever to fund these purchases. And all for what in the end?


Op-shopping to me is guilt free shopping, trying to use mostly recycled materials I am not directly supporting the big corporations to exploit people in the third world to make our clothes for unfair wages.

You don’t have to be looking only at the op-shops though. These kerbside finds below, the ladder and wheel barrow are among my favourites find so far! Both of them  were just around in the next street from me a few years ago.



Find out when kerbside is in your area – or go on a kerbside rummage. I guarantee you will have a blast.

Waste not want not!

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  1. Kylie says:

    I love this post! So nice to read some background about your story. And you ARE a lucky op shopper, bloody hell! (While Meals and I just choke on moth balls somewhere in the back…)

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