Aw, Frock Me!

Hey Stitchers…

Well I’ll be frocked. You’re wondering what the frock is with the language.

My lovely workmate Emma and I are diving into Frocktober, which is an Ovarian Cancer research initiative. Very frocking cool. I’m excited and a bit nervous too because I’m going to share my daily frock via instagram (follow us). My added challenge is my frock is something I have either handmade, thrifted or refashioned in my up-cycling way.

There’s one frocking hitch -I count 22 frocks in the wardrobe. This means, by the end of Frocktober I will have another 9. I have 22 days to worry about that problem… plenty of time!

What’s the deal with Frocktober and ovarian cancer? Wellll, it’s a big deal because so many women diagnosed go on to be very sick, and every 10 hours a woman dies in Australia from OC. Early detection gives the best chance, but there’s still so much research to be done. We all know this.

So Em and I are joining forces for this sweet little campaign. Em happens to be a blogger too, about her amazing weight loss journey, over here at 93 Frocks – 42kg gone, every bit of it the healthy way. Seriously take a look, I can’t do her justice except to say I’m blown away but her motivation and dedication. Every. Single. Day. More about Em and her beautiful dresses – that she is fitting back into one by one and wearing round the office – as our Frocktober journey continues.

So here we are, joining forces for a good cause in Frocktober. Now we’re not really the ‘donate here, donate there’ kinda gals, but we totally love a good cause.

Thirty one days! Like they say: It’s a long way to the top, if you wanna frock and roll.  Will we make it?  Follow our journey on our blogs – even if just to see us frock out – and if you’ve got change lying around and love a good cause, check out Kris & Emma Get Frocked!!

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