Quality v’s Quantity and the blowouts

Hey stitchers!


There is so much info out there now about the fashion industry and people finding alternative and inspiring ways to live. For me, I have been soaking these learnings up as I have been trying to make and recycle my whole wardrobe. Got me reflecting, the way I op-shop (read more here) is also the way I organise my wardrobe. I’m learning a lot about capsule wardrobes and only keeping and purchasing quality garments. Well made, beautiful material, perfectly fitting clothing is the essence of quality.

I started reading the article here about a 10 item wardrobe by Modern Mrs Darcy (Bonus TED talk – a must watch!), which I asked myself the question, could I do this?


No. Straight up. 10 items? Just no.


However, I am making baby steps in this direction and that is what its all about, amirite? In the last 2 years making a shift to writing this blog, sewing up a storm and purchasing only recycled items I have made a point to critically examine my wardrobe. Why? Because there is no way I am going to spend a day making an item of clothing that doesn’t value add greatly to my original pieces. Jennifer Scott, in her TED talk suggests questions in which we should all examine our current wardrobe wardrobe, which is where I started –

Does this fit me? Is this age appropriate? Is this my true style? Do I love this and lastly do I wear this often? And for me, if I haven’t worn it in the last year – it wasting space in my wardrobe and it has to go.

When did you last cull your wardrobe?


With all I have learned, I have definitely started my own kind of capsule wardrobe. And I have my absolute favourite pieces, take these jeans for example – 8 years ago I purchased these in Bolivia. They were $350 Diesel Jeans, which seems expensive but this is the essence of quality, which is – buying, knowing that you’re not going to bin that item in 6months. These jeans, hands down, are the item I missed the most in the month I participated in Frocktober. Sad, I know. They are like jeans I have turned into the softest denim pajamas around, b’cos, 8 years of wearing will do that.

They really are at the end of their life at the moment, but I’m struggling to acknowledge it. I have burnt thigh holes through them like no one’s business! Over share? Too bad, because thigh holes are a real thing people. Check it – fixed one hole and now the other side is gone. I fear a major, very embarrassing rip, is only a short few sits away.


So, time to repair or time to let them go? I’m just wearing them as is for now, yep, hole and all. Enjoy, Brisbane! 8 years it’s taken to wear these to death – now that is quality.


On a more personal note, I have been on a little mini break, at home here for a few weeks and well, I have been sewing up a storm. Can’t wait to share my recent makes with  you – all made with quality material b’cos, I ain’t making it again when it falls apart. No.

So stay tuned. I have so much to share! Too many ideas – not enough time.



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