DIY Pallet Fence

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Towards the end of 2013 you might remember the pallet craze moving around the net??… Well, the more I looked at this empty fence and ugly house next door, I decided to jump onto the band wagon and renovate this space.

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Firstly, we scoped out the space and worked out, on average, how many pallets we’d need.

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We initially thought we would have to sneaky steal some pallets, however, the more we searched around, the more we discovered these were available, FREE, all over Brisbane!

We collected ours from Bunnings, Officeworks (for QLD/AUS peeps) and my friends work but they are everywhere! Look for the large stores that have stock delivered on these pallets and generally offering to take them off their hands is helpful to them.

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We placed the pallets along the fence to roughly work out the general layout…

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Then we got busy planning where the stakes were to go. Metal stakes fit perfectly between the pallets, which hold them in place pretty securely. These metal stakes and the stake post driver rammer were on gumtree for $57 for 14 stakes and the banger!! Was a bargain!



Stakes need to be banged in and then the pallets slide into place. Make sure you place the stakes in the correct place, because they are impossible to remove!

At the same time as we were placing the pallets over the stakes, we put cardboard down around the stakes and covering the dirt and then mulch on top to stop the weeds growing up around the pallets. This is a must and will save you so much time weeding later on

We also started growing jasmine in front the pallets as a long term plan to hide the fence but for now, in the short term, I love the pallet look and its quick, easy and cheap using all recycled materials..

Lastly, we put some fairy lights across the top and DONE! So pretty!




Tips and tricks:

  • Use hardwood pallets if you can find them – these will last longer.
  • Also, painting them with finishing oil will preserve them against the elements – and be sure to do this before you put them together (this would have definitely saved us some time later on!!)
  • Drive the stakes into the ground as far as possible (but with enough length out to keep the pallets in place).
  • Tie the stakes to the pallets with wire. These need to be secured to the best of your ability – you may be liable if these go flying in a storm! (eeeek!)
  • It’s totally worth getting a stake driver – they’re impossible to get in otherwise


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