DIY dress from jeans and a sheet (Make it easy pattern #25)

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Gawsh! These Thursday Thread postings come around so quickly… I love it!

So, last week I posted about another handmade bodice I made which I attached a silk sari skirt using MAKE IT EASY: Mix and match pattern wardrobe and sewing guide. No. 25

I loved the fit so much I decided to make another one.

When I find a pattern that fits and that I love, you can guarantee I will make it over a few times (just a heads up – you may notice the themes!)



With my most recent bodice, I decided  I really wanted a stretch material so I used a denim stretch you see here.

(The last bodice was made from was a cotton non-stretch so you may have noticed I elasticised the back to keep it fitted)



Made from

There was something I did a bit differently with this dress – I used 100% recycled materials. The bodice was made from an old pair of jeans that a girlfriend gave me, and the skirt came to me as a bed sheet in an op-shop!

I often sew at night and will rummage through my wardrobe to find the material that I want. If I don’t wear that item? I chop it up!




Denim-Bodice-SidePhoto credit: Tom Ogwang

Waste not want not!

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