Up-cycling fabrics

Heyyyy guys!

I’m sorry I missed last Thursday Threads… I got a killer migraine by my ex-best friend, blue cheese! Who knew that if you eat a giant chunk of blue cheese it can stop you for days. Trust me when I say that I do now.

Anyways, I’m backkkk! and super excited to show you my new favourite makes… the potsock. My sister in law’s birthday was zooming around the corner earlier this year and I could not work out what to get her… so I took a stab at a plant and as usual, I LOVE adding my own piece-of-handmade-love alongside presents so I decided to dress up this gorgeous indoor plant with a colorful and fun potsock!


After this first one, I fell in love with them and had to make TWO, as usual… so I kept a few of my favourite materials from items I was sending to charity and I turned them into this super cute sock!




Kris-potsock1Photo credit: Tom Ogwang


Which one is your favourite? And did you like the big fold over in the first picture or the smaller fold over?

Waste not want not!

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