Thursday Threads: Frocktober Wrap Up!

Hey Stitchers!

So, with the end of Frocktober, I found myself thinking how I loved the challenge of wearing a dress everyday. In my life, daily frocks has definitely not been a thing I do – it’s so much easier to be in love with my ripped jeans, cosy jumpers and skirts.

So to take you around the thirty-one frocks in thirty-one days, here are some pics! Over Frocktober I wore 15 recycled frocks, 8 hand-made and 8 hand-altered numbers.

That’s a good bit of variety for one wardrobe to support so, towards the end there, things got a bit dire. In the final days I was down to three frocks to choose from, and I wasn’t feeling any of them. First World Problems.

Good to remember and appreciate how much choice my wardrobe normally allows me, and just be grateful. Here’s another flashback if you missed it!



It’s a bit duck on water – all seems calm but beneath the surface… new dresses were being made – more were being altered, and op-shops were being ransacked. Emotions were running wild and after asking feedback on what my partner noticed – he said I took ages to get ready in the morning! Ha! What a guy. True story.

Thinking back, there’s only one dress – frock #8 – that I don’t like. It’s great for the beach but not so much everywhere else because it’s a bit short for comfort. All good on that day because we were in Byron Bay, one of the few places I feel ok to get away with it…

I confess there were a few dresses I’d had a while but never worn – #15 and #27. I just didn’t like them: the color, or the way they fit (you know how it is) but now I love them! I just needed a proper introduction and I was shocked that I got so many positive comments as well – lots loved them!

I love that I pulled together a full hand-made/recycled month of frocks. There is so much out there in the recycled world! Em and I spent lots of time as well just comparing notes on how our styles rolled over the month, and the variations or common themes we had.

Check out instagram for the bloopers reel!

Coming up I have alterations to share with you and swimming togs are next on my list. I hope to do a video to share with you guys!

Stay tuned



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