DIY skirt (Butterick Style pattern 4363)

Hey Stitchers!

Now, I know it’s frocktober (my frock’n’roll adventures can be seen here) and I promised posts on quick fixes but I made some gorgeous skirts from butterick pattern b4363 a few weeks back that I’m dying to share with you first. I realised I have been making quite dressy dresses – not your everyday wear – so I wanted to add a little of this casual goodness to my closet.

Butterick-pattern-4363A lovely friend of mine gave me a stash of fabric when  I was visiting and I finally decided on these two skirts – thank you Jojo. This first skirt was made out of linen that has a kind of stiff feel. Perfect for this style of skirt.




Love the summery feel. My top that you see here is a self drafted pattern! I hope to turn it into a PDF and share it with you in the near future, so stay tuned for that…



Check material style-pattern-4363I loved this skirt so much, I decided to make two – the second from this tartan printed soft cotton. Such gorgeous material. After I made the skirts I realised they were both down to my shins, this one in particular which felt like a school skirt. Some snips to bring it above the knee definitely helped there. This is a fabulous pattern, I highly recommend you giving it a go. I loved the pattern’s simplicity – both to make as well as for a skirt with a simple summery feel. So get creating!

Big love… and take me back to the beach!


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